Prior to entering the Clinical Art Therapy program with the Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy in Victoria, BC, I was an

alternative teacher (BEd) working with at- risk youth and adults.  The creative arts (poetry & writing, music, photography, expressive, and

visual arts) were used expressively & therapeutically to support students.  This was also integrated in work supporting those coping

with & recovering from substance dependency in a community modeled treatment center I also worked in. 


As a teacher, I taught in aboriginal eduction and was actively engaged in addressing cultural & historic injustices/abuses and collective trauma impacts in the context of education and Canadian society.  I am also an LGBTQ2S ally and past SOGI school inclusion rep,  who celebrates diversity, supports 'inclusion', and welcomes clients from all backgrounds and walks of life. 


I am a Registered Art Therapist provideing online support services for trauma (ptsd,cptsd), dissociation, grief & loss,  , attachment wounds, work related stress, tbi & mtbi, chronic pain, and substance dependence. I use mindfulness in my work with clients because stress experienced from adverse experiences is often physiologically embedded in the body.  Mindfulness & "body work" (elements of somatic experiencing & sensorimotor) in combination with art therapy help to shift and release sensory memories experienced & carried in the physical body.


I am also trained in the Flash Technique (tapping &r eye movements) to reduce distress associated with traumatic memories and other disturbing content that interferes with enjoyment and fulfilment in life.


I have been providing online therapy services to clients since April 2020.  .


As part of my training, I worked collaboratively with a remarkable group of Ugandan women to enhance life, daily living, and economic opportunities that afforded them greater autonomy, agency, and economic stability.  It was an honour to work & connect with these extraordinary & inspiring women in person.  (see photos below).



In my spare time, I like to travel with my backpack, spend time exploring (nature & culture) and meeting othering from different cultural backgrounds.  I spent some time living & working abroad (middle east) which broadened my perspective of people, culture, and the world.  It also infused me with that travel bug.  

I enjoy photography and digital arts, painting (oils, watercolour), sculpting driftwood pieces, creating music, working on my house, and relaxing around the campfire (sometimes with my guitar) in the backyard.

Jennifer Ryper